Workplace, the workplace for companies on Facebook

The new tool for large companies that Facebook proposes wants to become a ‘social’ alternative to the classic Intranet . buy youtube views

Workplace is a new Facebook service independent of the consumer version of the popular network. For a while it has been running in test mode under the name of ‘Facebook at Work’.

The idea of ​​Workplace is that it serves as a professional version of the social network, so that it can put all the employees and contacts of the company in contact, in the same way that we connect with our friends and family. Currently, more than 1000 organizations are already using this  worldwide , and the reception is very good.

How does Workplace work?

Its operation is very similar to that of Facebook. It has a wall, a chat, Facebook Live, groups or translations. Access can be done through a browser, but also through an iOS and Android mobile device.

Its main mission is to improve business productivity and make internal communication easier. To use it, no training is necessary and any position or range of work can be used.

As you can guess, the service is not free. Its cost is established based on the number of employees the company has: 3 dollars per active user per month for companies with up to 1,000 employees, 2 dollars for those between 1,001 and 10,000 and 1 dollar per user for templates over 10,000 professionals. Non-profit organizations and educational institutions can use Workplace for free.

Why use Workplace?

Facebook has almost two billion active users per month around the world. It has become the most ubiquitous social media platform in the world.

Possibly, one of the keys to the success of Facebook is the familiarity of its interface, which is easy to use and is designed to attract people of different levels of technological ability. This essence is also returning to the business world. If we are already familiar with this platform on a personal level, why not also do it professionally?

Workplace aims to be a much more complete and accessible Intranet. It is already integrated with cloud platforms such as Google Drive , DropBox, Google G Suite, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Onedrive, Salefoce and others.

In addition, to avoid suspicious activity, leakage and data loss, Facebook is launching partnerships with security companies such as WebHooks that will send real-time alerts of suspicious activity to the companies’ account. They have also been added to identity providers such as Okta, Microsoft Azure, Google Suite and OneLogin, as well as Netskope, Skyhigh, CSDisco and Smarsh.

Another advantage of the service is streaming video for meetings . Companies like Starbucks have already tested the use of this application to transmit all meetings to the general management. It would also be useful for training or live webinars , and these sessions can be saved for later viewing.

In short, Workplace intends to be a good alternative to collaborative corporate work tools in the immediate future , due to its familiarity and its wide range of services. Let’s see if it eventually becomes what it promises.

What do you think of the new API for Facebook companies? What do you like about her? What