Tricks to make better photos with our smartphone

Take the photographer inside you with these tips to buy youtube views take pictures with our smartphones to stand out in our favorite social network.

The digital world is visual. If you want to succeed as a community manager or in the social profiles of our company we must have attractive images that have a hook. That is why some practical advice is essential to make us take the camera of our smartphones to a level far beyond the “point and shoot”.

Zoom, that great unknown

Most smartphones do not zoom decently, but this has an arrangement. We can put a magnifying glass in front of the chosen object to make a macro, or a pair of binoculars in front of the lens of the camera for a dramatic close-up of something distant (let’s see it surrounded by a very flat dark circular border).

A trick of the “old school” is to cut a hole in a piece of cardboard and put it in front of the camera lens of our smartphone. Although we do not get a very clear image but we do get an unmistakable artistic touch, which will surely improve the timeline of our followers of Facebook or .

The stability of the image is a very important point in photography and we do not always have a professional tripod at hand. This can be fixed with a piece of cardboard (or even leaning against a wall) to give a firm effect to the image.

Playing with light and exposure

We can play with any light source we have on hand to create stunning images. The idea is to use the light from a simple lighter near the lens to create a kind of reflection. Alternatively, we can also use a small flashlight on the camera lens.

Another option is to help us with a piece of aluminum foil so that the light is reflected. This effect enriches the captures of portraits. The mirrors are very good (and affordable) accessories that are always good to have on hand, as it allows you to create reflections and focus the light without the help of a large lighting installation. Actually, any kind of reflective material would do this function well.

For scenes where there is a lot of contrast between light and dark areas, we can make the photo by putting some simple sunglasses in front of the camera lens of our smartphone. The lenses of the glasses will help to balance the color and contrast, something that the software of our phone may not do.

Water cuts

Many of the phones are already waterproof, but that does not mean that we “want to play” putting it to soak. The idea of ​​a photo “underwater” or the effect of “water cut” can be achieved without risk if we put our phone in a glass jar.

Another idea to play with water, is to put a small drop on the lens of the camera that will act as a macro lens and will enhance the smaller objects. Although this trick is the most difficult of all, the results will undoubtedly be worthwhile because photography can be impressive.

These are some of the ways in which we can use our smartphone, sometimes with household objects, but which will highlight the images that we share on our social networks.

And you? What trick do you use to make amazing photos with your Smartphone?