Tips for using Facebook Live and survive in the attempt

Facebook Live allows us to share live videos from anywhere thanks to our mobile devices, buy youtube views but for many this functionality is considered a double-edged sword that can both benefit and harm our personal branding.

Below we will see some tips and good practices for proper use of Facebook Live.

1. First and foremost: advise

Warn in advance that you are going to make a live broadcast is very important if you want people to be attentive and expectant to know what you have to tell them or what you want to show them live. In summary, you generate expectation and achieve greater scope.

2. Make sure you have a good connection

Once created the expectation among your audience, you can not disappoint with a video that may suffer cuts. So it is important that the place from which we are going to transmit has a good WiFi connection or failing that we should have a good 4G coverage.

The Facebook APP will not allow us to transmit live if the connection is insufficient.

3. Provides valuable content

When you have something very important to tell, live video is a fantastic option. But the time of your audience is a very valuable and scarce good, so if you make it lose with contents that are not interesting at all, in future chances they will ignore your publications live.

4. Generate a live dialogue

It is advisable to be aware of the comments of your audience and go, as far as possible, answering the questions that are asked. But beware, limit yourself to the questions instead of the opinions.

5. Be forewarned Do not run out of battery!

One of the biggest problems of mobile devices is the battery life. A live broadcast should not be cut unexpectedly because we run out of charge on the mobile. The solution, to have external batteries or PowerBank, that do not affect us to the mobility and allow us to continue transmitting from any place in which we are.

6. The duration of the transmission

The recommended time for a good live video is 10 minutes according to Facebook. Although we should know that the platform allows us up to an hour and a half (90 minutes). Hence, it is important to have this additional energy supply that we mentioned in the previous point.

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7. Use the description intelligently

Quickly help users who are late to your video to know what you are talking about to get their interest more quickly.

8. Create subtitles after the transmission

The creation of a .srt subtitle file will allow users to download the transcript of what you have in the video, or it will facilitate those users with hearing or deafness problems to understand what you are sharing.

Do you use Facebook Live? What kind of information do you broadcast live?