Quick and easy guide to correctly configure Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most used statistical system by experts in digital marketing, it is even rare that buy youtube views a website does not use this measurement tool to analyze traffic and visits it reaches.

But why? It allows accounting for this data, providing information about users who access your blog or page, contributing crucially in making decisions to develop a marketing strategy for companies with presence on the Internet, more effectively.

Learn how to properly configure Google Analytics

If you want to enjoy the benefits of this tool it is essential to learn how to configure it correctly, for this reason, we teach you with this easy and fast guide.

  1. Create your Google Analytics account

To enter the world of Google Analytics, you must first enter your website and click on “Create an account”, it is also important that you have a Gmail account.

Already having your Gmail account, you must first click on “Register” within the Analytics page.

Steps to follow:

  1. Fill in the fields with the basic data of your website and new Google Analytics account: Name of the account, Name of the website, URL, Category of the sector (type of content offered by your portal) and Time zone (select the country to which your page or blog is directed).
  2. In the final part of the form, there is a cluster of options marked -by default- referring to the configuration of data sharing. Our digital marketing company recommends leaving them all activated or at least have the option “Only with other Google products”, because it will allow you to associate your account with other Google services such as Adwords, Adsense, etc.
  3. After you have completed all the information, click on “Get tracking ID”, and a window will automatically appear with “Google Analytics service conditions agreement”. Click on “I accept”.
  4. Next, the Google Analytics administration panel will appear and within this, the segment where you can see your tracking code, which you must enter in your website so that the tool can begin to control what happens in the portal.

But, this is the final step, before, it is crucial to configure some aspects of the account, such as the property section that you can see in the second column of this image:

After this screen appears you must check “Yes” in each option as shown in the image and click “Save”. This will allow you to get an idea of ​​the socio-demographic profile of users who visit your website, interest, age, etc.

Finally, it is necessary to create several “Views” using filters, for example: for each of the input channels, either by country and, finally, include the tracking code that was obtained in step 4.

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To carry out this procedure it is recommended to have knowledge of HTML language, an aspect in which our digital marketing company can advise you.