7 + 1 tips to get the most out of Google’s free business tools

Google Docs is a free Office Suite that we seldom take full advantage of. buy youtube views

, the Internet Giant, offers us a huge amount of free online services: maps, 3D design, email and of course its powerful search engine. Among all its services perhaps one of the most interesting and also among the most missed by users are its office applications: Google Docs.

In Google Docs we find spreadsheets, text editor and presentations . Today we will see 7 + 1 tips to give them a little more use and get more out of them.

1. Shared document

A very interesting utility in working groups is the creation of shared documents easily accessible to all users invited to view this document. The share function is found in the file menu, and we just have to enter the Google email accounts of the users with whom we will share the document. The document sharing function allows the creator of the document to manage editing permissions.

With this function we can allow access to the same file to many project partners to coordinate information in real time. This function can be used for other non-productive purposes, such as the organization of attendance at company dinners and events. Or even if you want to plan a trip with a group of friends.

2. Comments in the document

Users can easily add comments to the document without altering it. For this we are going to Insert> Comment.

3. Notice of comment in the document

If you want one of the users in particular or the creator of the document to receive a notice in your email when you write a comment on the document, you only have to add a + sign before the email address of the user in question. For example: + direcció ndecorreo@electronico.es

4. Work on a document without internet access

If we want to be able to edit a document when we do not have WiFi connection and we do not want to spend data, we just have to go to the 3 points on the top right and activate “Available offline” from our APP. Of course, we must do so at a time when we do have connection.

5. Work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint without having these programs

On your Chrome, install the Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides extension by going to Menu> More tools> Extensions and clicking on “Get more extensions.”

Once the extension is installed we can drag any .docx .xlsx .pptx document into a new Chrome tab and edit it. At the end we can save the file or convert it to a Google Docs file.

6. Review changes in a document and who has made them

Another advantage of Google Docs is the revision history, which allows us to see the changes in the document, when they were made and who made them. It is a very interesting utility for the management of project groups and work planning among many others.

7. Voice writing

Really useful for writing texts dictating directly to the editor. Unfortunately, this functionality is only available through the browser in the Tools menu > Voice Writing .

Voice writing is not really very precise, but it helps us to generate the text of the document very quickly. Then we will only have to review and correct the small errors of interpretation. The great disadvantage is that it is not yet available in mobile applications.

8. Add a video to a slide

Add a YouTube video to a slide to complement the presentation at a given time will give a more professional touch.

From Google Chrome we must go to the slide where we want to insert the video, go to Insert> Video . We will open a search to find the video we want to insert.

A lot of these functions are only available from the Chrome browser, since the apps are more oriented to a punctual and simple edition of a document or a quick visualization of it. Even so, the possibilities of these tools are very broad considering that they are 100% free, which makes them ideal for both SMEs and self-employed individuals, who will not need to pay for a Microsoft Office license, and also represents a great alternative to OpenOffice.

Do you dare to try these features? Would you add any more to this list?