11 SEO errors that you do not want to commit (if you want to be at the top of Google)

When it comes to launching a web project SEO is one of the most important factors, buy youtube views almost as much as an attractive design or a good navigation on the site.

When we draw up a strategy to launch our website, it seems that we have it clear: what design it will have, what its contents will be … but what about SEO? If we want to take this task we must be aware of some very common mistakes when it takes a while to address the task of maintaining a web or blog. Because at first it seems that we have it quite clear, but in the long run? Do we continue with the same perseverance?

  1. Focus on many keywords: addressing too many keywords will distract us from our plan and strategy. Let’s work one (or two) keyword and do all the trial / error that we consider appropriate. It is the best option if we want to know what really works.
  2. Key words “filling”: locate our keyword all the time in each paragraph of an article in our blog is not going to favor us, on the contrary, it will harm us in the eyes of Google, who will take it as a completely unwanted and aggressive strategy.
  3. Incorrect use of h1 and h2 tags: what keywords stand out on our page? These are the ones that should be located in the headers. Google will know which keywords are the most relevant when examining the <h1> and <h2> tags and discover them here.
  4. Not having a unique description for each page: it is necessary to describe each page of our website in a unique way. The same description for all pages is considered a duplication of content. And it must be done in a unique way because it will help Google to know what each page is about and when that particular page should be recovered.
  5. Include poor or regular links: the content follows (and will continue to be) the king. What we need to update our website with fresh and original content is good content that attracts a real audience and serves as a powerful tool for SEO.
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  1. Do not use ALT tags in images or use low quality images: just using an attractive image is not enough, we must describe the image with an ALT tag so that Google robots can read the images. Let’s be smart and describe these images with keywords that interest us.
  2. Not understanding the importance of the invited authors: inviting a blogger or influencer to write on our blog, who is an authority recognized by the digital world, by Facebook and who links to his domain, will not only help SEO, but also to the brand and to obtain a good number of quality traffic.
  3. Write like a robot: writing for Google is not the issue, we also write for human beings, who at the end will read our articles and share it.
  4. Do not follow the trends: when we follow what happens around us, we come up with many ideas of new topics to write and, even better, to be topical issues Google links them better and the audience will be much more interested in reading them.
  5. Do not use keyword research or analysis tools: there are as many tools available as we can imagine, one of the easiest to use is Google Keyword Planner that will help us with search trends, search volume of keywords and thus plan our strategies and content accordingly.
  6. Follow poor and inefficient link building strategies: Automated link building software ads are a waste of time. In addition to hurting us in the face of Google’s image of our website as a reliable and quality site.

This is the review for some of the mistakes we make so often in our day to day working on the SEO of our website, would you add any more?